Why small businesses should embrace video marketing

If your company doesn’t have video marketing materials, it may be just a couple years until you look like a caveman compared to your competitors. The Guardian shared Cisco Systems findings that projected video will account for 69 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2017.

Your potential clientele watches digital videos on their laptops, mobile devices and connected TVs in growing numbers. The Guardian states audio/visual media has become a crucial information source for consumers exploring buying options. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to create a promotional small-business video.

1. Videos are an easy way to engage consumers

The good news is videos are easy to make these days. Your preferred mobile device is likely equipped with a hi-tech camera and there are plenty of free or cost-efficient editing options online. A video marketing campaign is simple to manage along with all other advertising content in a security business software system.

You don’t have to create Hollywood productions. In fact, Open Forum suggested shorter is better. A video should be attention grabbing and invite consumers to learn more. An effective strategy is to focus on engaging visuals, quick bits of useful information or humorous content that puts your best foot forward and ends with call to action.

There are numerous free platforms for you to post video materials. If your audio visual content is engaging, audiences will share it for you on sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Most mobile phones feature excellent cameras. Most mobile phones feature excellent cameras.

2. You can educate potential customers

If you want materials to be longer or shared more frequently, you should provide audiences with valuable content. Videos are a great way to explain difficult or complicated concepts to potential buyers. You can demonstrate how security systems work and how your business is unique.

Business 2 Community reported 90 percent of online consumers found videos crucial in helping them choose products and services. Walking a customer through product application, installation and maintenance prepares them to make an informed decision. When audiences associate your voice with the answer to their questions, your company appears to be an expert in the industry.

As a security provider, you have plenty of options on valuable educational videos you could produce. You could focus on your products or services or provide general safety tips consumers may share online. Don’t forget all of the features that separate you from competitors. You can create a quick video highlighting the advantages of automated alarm billing or introduce your customer service team.

3. Putting employees on camera personalizes small businesses

Every one of your employees could help in creating video materials for marketing campaigns. If you have a public event, your workers could film it on their mobile devices to share your activities with online audiences. Mashable, a media blog, said videos are a fantastic way to attach a personality to your products and services.

If you offer an alarm subscription service, you sell a partnership just as much as anything else. Videos featuring technicians, care agents and managers show consumers who they will be working with. Educational demonstrations indicate knowledge, while employee-made materials can showcase worker investment in customer success. Video marketing is a tool you can use many ways to engage new audiences.

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