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Software Module Details

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Alarm Billing Software That Handles A Customer’s Full ‘Life Cycle’

Cornerstone’s alarm billing software helps you manage the complete life cycle of a customer. When a lead comes in, you can add it to the system, and track it as part of your sales pipeline. From the prospect record, you can quickly generate professional quotes, and track the sales process and then convert it to a job. You can then easily track the installation work and related payment. Cornerstone handles ongoing customer recurring billing and posting of related payments–like clockwork. Service tickets and add-on work can be recorded, scheduled and invoiced. Keeping on top of receivables is easy through our interactive aging report (Billing Plus).

Our alarm billing software modules tie together for seamless, user-friendly workflow including:

  • The APPOINTMENT CALENDAR for central access to scheduling and managing sales calls and dispatching technicians for installations and service calls. Email appointments and work orders to the field or allow remote access on mobile devices for login to quotes or tickets
  • INVENTORY TRACKING and PURCHASE ORDERS that accommodate multiple inventory locations and multiple vendors
  • SERVICE TICKETS for installation or service that can accommodate jobs requiring multiple technicians and multiple dispatches over a number of days
  • TIME CARDS / payout tracking for billing and payroll
  • Invoicing and balance tracking that accommodates PROGRESS BILLING on installations and large jobs.
  • JOB COSTING that tracks the profitability of Quotes and maintains the quote’s extended price and cost of the inventory items. The extended price and cost of inventory items is also stored during invoice generation for non-Quote tickets enhancing the job costing for service and installations.
  • Customer RECURRING BILLING and payment processing, including autopay and online payment options.
  • EXTENSIVE REPORTING to assist in creating, maintaining, and tracking customers to help understand and grow your business.
  • INTERACTIVE AGING report (Billing Plus Module) that provides an overview of your receivables and the next steps in the collection process to help your staff keep customers paying on time.
  • REMOTE ACCESS using mobile devices, enabling salespeople and technicians to view their individual appointment calendar, quotes or work orders.


The Quotes module begins with a handy Dashboard for easy overview of the existing quotes. View by sales person, quote type, lead or sales status, etc., to track activity and success at a glance.

The module features customizable Quote Templates, making it fast and easy to create and deliver a professional final product. Quotes can be tailored to include Company Overviews, Introductory Letters, Scope of Work, Payment Terms, Product Images/Descriptions, and so on. Need a quick, simple quote? No problem, just check some boxes to omit sections. Once the templates are set up, professional-looking quotes can be created and emailed in less than a minute!

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CRM-Customers, Invoices, Payments, Reports

At the heart of our alarm billing software are dozens of CRM features that put everything you need at your fingertips! Capture all relevant customer information, and use the extensive audit and reporting capabilities to help you understand how your business is doing.

As the above Customer Record illustrates, nearly EVERYTHING you need to know about an account is a click or two away. Beyond basic name and address information, a customer record can store:

  • Recurring charge details
  • Invoice history
  • Service history
  • Contract beginning and end dates
  • Contract (and other) document images
  • Support/conversation notes
  • Mailing/correspondence history
  • System/equipment lists
  • Key security subscriber data such as contact lists, zone lists, and alarm logs
  • Much more…

What this means for our customers is that they can offer superior customer service, and in most cases “one call” resolution of customer service issues that may arise.

The Billing Services Details page of this site provides lots more information about Cornerstone’s invoicing and payments processes.

Cornerstone software offers comprehensive, powerful financial and management reports. The screen shot below shows the reporting interface.

All key financial reports also allow for emailing the data to authorized users. Our system includes several audit reports to help ensure accurate data entry, or to help make sure you are billing everyone you should be billing. Nearly all reports have several filters and sort orders. Exports to Excel-compatible or text files enable easy import of financial data into general accounting software programs such as Quickbooks.

Have some questions about specific reports? Just call us at (888) 629-8101 for a quick demo.

Inventory | POs

An extensive Inventory Management system is maintained throughout the billing software. At the basic level, inventory is used to maintain a list of parts you sell along with a description of each part and the selling price. Numerous areas of the software utilize the inventory list to ensure accurate entry of items being sold (Quotes, Invoicing, Service Tickets Item List, Customer Equipment List and Purchase Orders, etc.).

Advanced inventory management features are also included for those requiring stock tracking, multiple warehousing, truck inventory, multiple price levels, purchase orders, kit assemblies, physical stock count, etc.

Inventory Dashboard

Dashboards help users of our software quickly see where things stand, next steps, what’s needed, and so on. Below is our Inventory Dashboard:

The Inventory List and Dashboard presents an easy way for you to enter information and keep track of parts and the ordering status. Inventory Management provides selection criteria to create your view, for example:

  • Identify the parts that are set up as assembled kits or for which you have images
  • Look at inventory levels and counts needed to fulfill service tickets
  • Review quantities on hand and reorder levels
  • Select parts that need to be ordered and determine the quantities
  • Generate the parts purchase list by vendor (POs) and track ordered parts and receipt of parts
  • Make edits to the inventory list such as fill in missing General Ledger codes or price increases.

Only do just in time purchases of inventory? No problem…you can create your service tickets and generate a PO to pick up the items on your way to the job.

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Service – Tickets, Work Orders, Calendar

Overview capability allows for easy tracking of job scheduling and status as well as tracking and ordering of parts for the jobs. Key features include the overview dashboards for tickets and inventory maintenance.

Tickets / Work Orders Dashboard

The Tickets icon presents a list of tickets and provides selection criteria to create your view, for example:

  • Look at completed tickets to make sure they were invoiced
  • Select the list of tickets that are short on parts so when the inventory is available, you can release the ticket and schedule service
  • Review all the open tickets to make sure they have been handled and invoiced
  • Review assign technicians and appointment times for the unscheduled tickets
  • See which tickets required sub tickets for service spanning multiple days or technicians and review job status
  • Make sure that billable timecards on tickets have been invoiced.

Calendar – Scheduling Dashboard

The Calendar list presents an easy way for you to enter information and keep track of appointments, job scheduling and employee activity. Calendar Management also provides selection criteria to create your view or manage schedules, for example:

  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily Schedules by type of employee and type of activity
  • Views of employee schedules that show appointments, activity and timecards
  • Interactive calendar with drag and drop capability for assigning tickets
  • Unscheduled appointment requests that can be managed and avoid missed service requests
  • Identification of Service Tickets that cannot be scheduled due to shortage of parts
  • View of lapsed appointments where there re schedule dates but not yet completed
  • Time card view capability to track employee time.

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Billing Plus Collections

Billing Plus Module provides an interactive aging report. The selection filters allow you to specify the Customer List that you wish to view. For example, you can choose to view only:

  • Accounts that are a specified number of days past due (e.g., 90+ days or 15+ days)
  • Accounts with a specific Next Step date range
  • Accounts with a specific Status or Next Step
  • Accounts that have a credit
  • Accounts that have made a payment via Alarmpayments.com

The Customer List shows the aging by days and the Correspondence Activity — Date of Action, Action Status, Next Step, Alarm Payments, and the Date for the Next Step for each subscriber. The amount owed is listed by days old, and the last Payment Date is identified. Note that the aging categories split the 0-30 day’s category into two age groups, 1-14 and 15-29, to monitor and minimize the number of accounts that go past 30 days. Credits, if any, are also listed.

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