What Our Security Dealers Say...

It's not our style to brag. But we keep hearing from our dealers, "More companies should know about Cornerstone!" So we asked for a few of them to record their opinions of us... and this is the result. You'll notice some recurring themes.

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I count on Cornerstone to be there for me, so I can be there for my customers.

- Frank Icuss (Early Warning Alarms) and Bette A. Mader (Midwest Security & Fire)


Cornerstone is an amazing piece of a well organized alarm company dealer management system

Emergency Response Systems

I want to thank Cornerstone for coming into our lives. For a dealer that wants the best tools to mange their business financials, billing, work orders, and collections this is a fantastic product and service. Soon we will implement the last module for Sales Quotations AND there is so much more depth in these areas that give you extreme value and insight into your business. Cornerstone is an amazing piece of a well organized alarm company dealer management system. Take an extensive close look and you’ll see it….

Paul Keast
Emergency Response Systems, Inc.

Golden Gates Security is a Happy Client!

Golden Gates Security

I am excited about Cornerstone helping me collect from customers who always promise to pay, but never do. Anything to help me take the stress out of collecting and focus on making more sales! Thanks so much for your continued support for over 5 years! Golden Gates Security is a Happy Client!

Gabriel Alvarado
Golden Gates Security

Cornerstone Billing has an awesome staff that stays on top of their billing process

Calvin Stewart
C. Stewart Enterprises LLC

They save our office time, they save us a lot of aggravation, and most importantly they save us money!

Their customer service is phenomenal, they always pickup immediately when we call, it’s always a live person I’m talking to, and they always solve any issue we have in a timely manner.

Asher Hoffman
Vital Link Medical Alert Systems

It was one of the best business decisions we’ve made

It was a great move, I’m glad I did it.

Art Hoffman
Vital Link Medical Alert Systems

On a 1 to 10 scale, I give Cornerstone a solid 13!

Cornerstone has helped our business numerous ways: streamlining our billing, our collections, accounting processes. Made life much simpler, requiring less personnel and less aggravation on our end.

Howard Feldman

Easy to Learn and Use

Pioneer Security Services

Cornerstone has been a pleasure to work with.   I’m so glad we made the switch from Quickbooks.  The software is easy to learn and use, and their staff is outstanding, and so willing to help.   We referred another dealer to Cornerstone, and they were very reluctant to “give up control.”  But after they switched, they thanked us profusely for the recommendation.

What’s not to love about not handling printing, mailing, or posting payments?   We also happily use Cornerstone’s Billing Plus to track down slow payers, and we have the BEST LOOKING aged accounts receivable ever!



Barbara Feldman

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