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User-Friendly Business Management

Cornerstone's software is user-friendly but powerful. We built our cloud-based customer management platform over 25+ years--specifically for this industry. Our goal is to keep all your most important day-to-day processes in one place! No more toggling between different software.

Cornerstone's software includes all the important stuff: complete subscriber records, recurring details, billing history, quotes, job tickets, inventory, robust reporting, collections, central station integrations, and much more. Connecting these key account management functions makes it easy to support your customers...and keep things organized!

Alarm Billing and Payment Services

We do far more than send bills. Cornerstone Billing Solutions offers a 100% automated solution for your recurring billing and payments. We generate ALL invoice methods: paper, credit card, ACH, email...then follow through to process those payments--saving time and money!

Recurring billing is complex. Subscribers demand multiple autopay method & payment date options, an online payment portal, and multi-site "roll up" billing. Cornerstone has you covered, with clockwork reliability. We run billing audits monthly, to make sure 100% of recurring is billed. More consistent billing means more consistent cash flow!

Live Dealer Support

Most software users HATE having to submit "support tickets" if they have questions...then waiting hours, days or even weeks for an answer. That's why Cornerstone doesn't believe in support tickets. When you call or online chat for assistance, you get a real person to help you--and right away!

In addition to our live customer support by seasoned, friendly professionals, our onboarding process employs a well-organized, "crawl-walk-run" approach to training new partners. Our team is dedicated to making sure that your team feels confident in using our software and services. We also offer continuous training for any new employees as well!

Latest from our Blog

Surcharging for Life Safety Companies: How to Avoid the Hassle

By Scott MacDougal | June 13, 2024

With inflation driving up operating costs recently, more life safety companies are opting to add surcharges to customers that pay by credit card. Surcharges are simply fees that a business can add to recover its merchant fee expenses. Say you have a customer that pays a $100 quarterly monitoring invoice, and your company has adopted…

The Value Of Integrations!

By Scott MacDougal | May 14, 2024

Cornerstone added its first integration about 13 years ago—with the US Post Office site. That was a simple integration that confirmed the address for a newly added account, including zip + 4. Since then we’ve added over a dozen integrations, with central stations, collection agencies, and other software providers. Here’s a partial list: https://alarmbills.com/integrations/ Integrations…

Reduce Stress: Invest in Expertise for Effortless Collections

By Scott MacDougal | February 14, 2024

Most of the office managers we work with would rather have a root canal than try collecting money from past-due customers! It’s stressful to put pressure on customers you worked so hard to find and win. Well, Cornerstone has a solution that takes the pressure off. Cornerstone’s Solution – Billing Plus! Our Billing Plus service…

Update Part Costs Instantly! With Portal.io and Cornerstone Billing.

By Cornerstone Billing Solutions | January 16, 2024

One of the biggest headaches for our life safety customers is this: keeping inventory costs CURRENT in their alarm business software. Especially with the inflation of the last few years, part prices are changing constantly. Well, Cornerstone Billing Solutions has solved the problem with our newest alarm business software integration. The payoff for our customers…

G/L vs. Alarm Company Software: Why Integration Can Be Risky

By Scott MacDougal | November 20, 2023

In the dynamic world of business technology, the life safety software decisions you make can be the linchpin for your company’s success. One pivotal decision that businesses often grapple with is whether to integrate their General Ledger (GL) with their Customer Management Software (CRM). While the allure of an all-in-one solution is strong, there are compelling…

Labor Shortage? DO LESS! With Alarm Software

By Scott MacDougal | August 7, 2023

Not shocking news: we’re in the tightest labor market in over 20 years. Security alarm dealers, and many other industries, are having real trouble finding enough people to get all the work done. What’s a business owner to do? Until the labor market improves, here are some ideas that may help. You’ve heard the adage,…

Management: Many Flavors

By Scott MacDougal | February 6, 2023

To state the obvious: effectively managing your small business is difficult! It’s easy to get derailed. Whether that’s getting hit by a big surprise problem, losing a large customer you thought was happy, losing a key person, battling inflation-driven cost increases, and so on. Management is a very broad term, and it may be better…

Safe Streets USA

By Scott MacDougal | November 9, 2022

    Company: Safe Streets USALocation: Garner, North CarolinaWebsite: http://safestreetsusa.com   Background SafeStreets USA is one of ADT’s oldest, largest, and most experienced Authorized Dealers operating in 46 states across the US. The company does over 50,000 alarm installations annually and about 98% are residential customers The Challenge Like many security dealers, SafeStreets was using a…

CRM Software for Security Dealers: A Must Have

By Scott MacDougal | August 15, 2022

A CRM is generally understood to be software that helps you manage your customers and prospects. But when I hear “I really need a good CRM!” the real question is: what are you trying to manage? Lead Management CRM vs. Customer Management CRM Often what they really want is not a customer management system, but…

Recurring Credit Card Transactions: Painful to Comply

By Scott MacDougal | May 9, 2022

Over the last few years, the credit card industry has adopted new rules that make it tough for small companies to stay in compliance. Including for recurring payments charged by security alarm companies. IF your company accepts Visa and Master Card for recurring subscription invoices, please review your processes versus the list below. Does your…

What Do Our Clients Think?

We are way more than an alarm billing company. Our customers say it best!

Lee Kennetz - Inner Security Systems

“In a nutshell, customer service sets them apart from the rest. If you have a question, they respond right away. We don't have to wait to fix the problem. They are always there when we need them. Plus, the software is easy to use! That alone is worth its weight in gold.”

Mike Georgopulos - Specialty Alarm Engineering, Inc.

“I have been in this business for almost 20 years and we have continued to grow as a small business. We made the decision to switch to Cornerstone after the program we were using became outdated.  I was very nervous going into it because I don’t like change. It was honestly one of the best business decisions I ever made. The program itself is slick in every way. Recurring charges, credit card processing, and the report features are a few of the things I love about the program. Most importantly, their customer service and tech support is outstanding. The training never stops. They will hold your hand until you understand everything.  I highly recommend Cornerstone.”

Ben Ayers - Guardog Security Services

“I like that there is flexibility in the software's features to run our business seamlessly. The mobile app has made my job much easier because the techs can complete jobs and invoice in the field, reducing office work! Billing Plus is great too, it makes it easier to stay on top of slow payers with a text. And, their customer service team is beyond anything we've ever worked with!

Is This You?

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  • You have too many manual processes.
  • You want to manage your jobs WITHOUT paper.
  • Your recurring billing is complicated & clunky.
  • You want the software support you DESERVE!

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