Surcharging for Life Safety Companies: How to Avoid the Hassle

With inflation driving up operating costs recently, more life safety companies are opting to add surcharges to customers that pay by credit card. Surcharges are simply fees that a business can add to recover its merchant fee expenses. Say you have a customer that pays a $100 quarterly monitoring invoice, and your company has adopted…

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The Value Of Integrations!

Cornerstone added its first integration about 13 years ago—with the US Post Office site. That was a simple integration that confirmed the address for a newly added account, including zip + 4. Since then we’ve added over a dozen integrations, with central stations, collection agencies, and other software providers. Here’s a partial list: Integrations…

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Reduce Stress: Invest in Expertise for Effortless Collections

Person checking their credit card and mobile phone

Most of the office managers we work with would rather have a root canal than try collecting money from past-due customers! It’s stressful to put pressure on customers you worked so hard to find and win. Well, Cornerstone has a solution that takes the pressure off. Cornerstone’s Solution – Billing Plus! Our Billing Plus service…

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G/L vs. Alarm Company Software: Why Integration Can Be Risky

Woman with lightbulb and question marks over her head thinks of ideas

In the dynamic world of business technology, the life safety software decisions you make can be the linchpin for your company’s success. One pivotal decision that businesses often grapple with is whether to integrate their General Ledger (GL) with their Customer Management Software (CRM). While the allure of an all-in-one solution is strong, there are compelling…

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Labor Shortage? DO LESS! With Alarm Software

magnifying glass on a newspaper help wanted page

Not shocking news: we’re in the tightest labor market in over 20 years. Security alarm dealers, and many other industries, are having real trouble finding enough people to get all the work done. What’s a business owner to do? Until the labor market improves, here are some ideas that may help. You’ve heard the adage,…

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Management: Many Flavors

Person carrying binders

To state the obvious: effectively managing your small business is difficult! It’s easy to get derailed. Whether that’s getting hit by a big surprise problem, losing a large customer you thought was happy, losing a key person, battling inflation-driven cost increases, and so on. Management is a very broad term, and it may be better…

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Safe Streets USA

Logo for the company SafeStreets. It is a blue shield and the company name.

    Company: Safe Streets USALocation: Garner, North CarolinaWebsite:   Background SafeStreets USA is one of ADT’s oldest, largest, and most experienced Authorized Dealers operating in 46 states across the US. The company does over 50,000 alarm installations annually and about 98% are residential customers The Challenge Like many security dealers, SafeStreets was using a…

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CRM Software for Security Dealers: A Must Have

Gears with the words customer and management stamped into them

A CRM is generally understood to be software that helps you manage your customers and prospects. But when I hear “I really need a good CRM!” the real question is: what are you trying to manage? Lead Management CRM vs. Customer Management CRM Often what they really want is not a customer management system, but…

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Recurring Credit Card Transactions: Painful to Comply

A close up of three credit cards on a table.

Over the last few years, the credit card industry has adopted new rules that make it tough for small companies to stay in compliance. Including for recurring payments charged by security alarm companies. IF your company accepts Visa and Master Card for recurring subscription invoices, please review your processes versus the list below. Does your…

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Security System Monitoring (And Almost Everything Else)

House with a large lock in the foreground there are icons about different security features in front of the home

Monitoring Everything? Monthly fees for security system monitoring are the main driver of company value in this industry. And the average monthly fee for alarm monitoring has been rising at a healthy clip in the last few years, why? More Monitoring = More Control The traditional perimeter security system monitored the entry points and interior…

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