Covid Quiet Time: A Silver Lining?

Desk with a laptop, coffee cup, glasses and medical mask on it.

As we navigate this really tough stretch of the Covid crisis, can we at least look for a silver lining? Nearly all of our security dealers have told us that their service and installation work is way down. Many have had to reduce hours or even lay off staff members. There’s just not much work…

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The Importance of a Website in a Social World

Importance of social media

The explosion of social networking has led some security system companies to focus more on a Facebook business page than their website. Education and promotions are chopped down into bite sized pieces that can be tweeted, turned into a meme or a quotable photo. The website is an old dog in our digital world, but…

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Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Two men in suits shaking hands.

A prospective customer in need of a security alarm system may do a Google search for alarm systems. However, they may not have enough information at the start of the search to be specific. You can help buyers find you by providing content on your website that helps them to discover, evaluate and compare solutions. This…

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I Did Not Know You Did That!

Customer shrugging shoulders

Nearly all of our security dealer customers have complained that they’ve lost subscribers because—after they’ve switched to Comcast or AT&T or whomever—the subscriber didn’t know that the dealer offered X, Y or Z service. ARGH!!! You may not have the time or resources to publish a regular newsletter to your customers. BUT there is an…

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