What are your Small Business Saturday plans?

In 2015, Small Business Saturday will fall on November 28th. Is your company ready?

Your company can profit from the attention and news stories generated by this national event. Here are four things to keep in mind to help your small business stand out during the consumer holiday at the end of November:

1. Be ready for success

Any time you expect there might be an uptick in business, you have to make sure your office is ready for the change in daily operations. Business News Daily advised business owners to check staffing levels, marketing resources and company assets. You may want to hire some temps or rent equipment for the holiday season anyway. Don’t forget to take Small Business Saturday into account when making plans.

You should carefully audit your current company infrastructure so you can answer the extra inquiries from consumers encouraged to investigate local companies during this time. A centralized security business software solution provides information for every user and makes it easy for employees to capture data from engagements with new leads.

2. Get online

If you haven’t heard of Small Business Saturday, it’s a good sign you need a new solution for keeping up with modern trends. You have to keep an eye out for any public event that could promote your products and services. Social media is a great resource to discover what audiences talk about.

Modern consumers search for, buy and research products online. Forbes said many customers share information about purchases they plan on making on social media. Your potential clients could discuss plans for Small Business Saturday on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You want to create a business account to follow the activities of audiences and share marketing on a very active channel.

3. Include Small Business Saturday in holiday marketing

In November, you should prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas shoppers. Holidays allow you to use images and themes that are on the forefront of consumers’ minds in your marketing. By making Small Business Saturday part of your holiday advertising campaign, you can include local services and products in the conversations of celebration and traditions.

Open Forum interviewed a small business owner about her plans for the holiday and found she wanted to use that Saturday to make initial contact with Christmas shoppers. Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to share coupons and other holiday promotions or advertise products that would make good presents for the family.

4. Work with other businesses

If you keep a record of your yearly activities in a security business software system, you can see what practices yielded the best results during certain times and events. You can use this information to plan future success. You could also share this information with other small businesses preparing for this particular holiday.

Small Business Saturday is a government holiday designed to encourage consumers to pour money into the local economy. The U.S. Small Business Administration suggested teaming up with all of the non-competitive local companies in your area to make the event something really special. If numerous businesses share each other’s information and promote the special deals happening at each service, it turns the holiday into a local celebration citizens can’t ignore.

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