I Did Not Know You Did That!

Nearly all of our security dealer customers have complained that they’ve lost subscribers because—after they’ve switched to Comcast or AT&T or whomever—the subscriber didn’t know that the dealer offered X, Y or Z service. ARGH!!!

You may not have the time or resources to publish a regular newsletter to your customers. BUT there is an easy way to let them know all the services you offer—use the invoice!

The back side of the recurring invoice is the perfect place to advertise and promote your services. Most recurring invoices have just a few charge items, so there’s plenty of space to tell your subscribers  more. Use “teaser graphics” on the front to lead them to the back, like “Bet You Didn’t Know That We Also…” with a small accompanying graphic, and “See Reverse Side For Details”.

Sample Invoice Página 1

For example, many of our customers use our invoices to promote:

  • Interactive services related to Alarm.com or Total Connect
  • Cellular backup or wireless services (with warnings about power outages, etc.)
  • Maintenance/service agreements
  • Special monitoring services for low temperature, water in basement, etc.

You can also use the invoice to provide critical information to your subscribers, such as upcoming 2G sunset and its implications, the impact of eliminating landlines on their home security system, the importance of testing their security system regularly, and other important updates and information.

What about autopay accounts that pay by credit card or debit? While these subscribers do not receive paper invoices, you should still have a regular communications program to reach them—at least twice a year. A good customer management software package should, at a minimum, allow you to a) retrieve this list quickly, and b) email them the information you want to convey.

If you don’t have emails for all accounts, do some outbound calling to get those emails. Worst case, you can still use your CRM to generate a mail merge file to send hard copy notices. The costs for this outreach is minimal, even if you end up mailing hard copies compared to losing accounts because you did not articulate all of the services you offer.

Your invoice is a tool that you already have in place, so why not make the most of it? We work with our dealers every week to help them either set up invoice messages, and/or use our software to get the word out-ultimately reducing their customer attrition. There will always be another company promoting their services to your subscribers, but don’t lose people because they are not aware of all that you have to offer.

Want to discuss this further? Feel free to call me—(847) 405-9517 x2.  –Scott MacDougal

Is This You?

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  • You have too many slow pay accounts
  • You need to automate your processes!
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