New online platforms for small businesses

If you are a security provider, you are already charged with the task of keeping up on the latest technology in your industry. Exploring the performance of new business tools may seem like a bit too much to handle when your plate is already full, but it is critical to stay competitive by leveraging relevant developments.

Luckily, the Internet simplifies the exploration process and lets you research possible small-business solutions when it’s convenient to do so. Reading through similar customers who succeeded helps you narrow your search down to the most relevant and convenient products. Here are a few categories for business information platforms and popular options in each:

Ecommerce platforms – Shopify

Hopefully, you offer your products online. A company that doesn’t sell its products or services through a website today would be a like a business unable to take phone orders 30 years ago. Your organization shouldn’t just use ecommerce channels, it should prioritize them.

If you’re using a bare bones Web design, you may miss out on sales. An online platform like Shopify provides all of the ecommerce functionality you need to track sales, update online inventories and improve search engine optimization for online business pages, according to Entrepreneur.

Shopify has thousands of apps you can choose from to provide the exact performance you need. Security dealers should find an online ecommerce platform that integrates with security billing software so online orders can inform payment schedules.

Can your customers buy your services online?Can your customers buy your services online?

HR solutions – Zenefits

Hosting your ecommerce solution through the Web allows you to take advantage of the convenience of cloud data processing. Another benefit of implementing online solutions into daily business practices is sometimes the Internet offers free services. Inc. detailed how Zenefits provides small businesses with a free resource to help manage employee benefits.

Zenefits is an online startup companies can use to select, track and monitor HR decisions made by the organization and its employees. Hundreds of small businesses have used the free cloud-deployed HR software to manage and understand insurance claims, which is especially helpful in a post-Affordable Care Act world.

There are many sources for free information available to organizations of every size. The next time you need insight into regulations or other changing business practices, you should check online to see what innovative companies offer.

Office communication – Intraboom

Your office may use phones, emails and social media platforms to communicate. While providing numerous systems allows companies to utilize all of the benefits without picking and choosing, multiple channels may cause you to lose track of conversation threads and misplace important messages. You should try and offer a channel that features every advantage you deem necessary through a single solution.

There are many online platforms for interoffice communications. Small Business Trends shared how Intraboom can offer all of the answers company communications need. The Intraboom platform hosts discussions, online chats, mobile text messaging and attention-grabbing bulletins. You can integrate the system with schedules, to-do lists and other security business software files.

Marketing innovations – Blab

Numerous social media pages operate as online marketing platforms. You can send messages to your clients through Facebook or expand your consumer group by retweeting trending messages. Outside of the most popular answers, there are new social platforms designed with features particularly useful to small-business advertising.

Business 2 Community suggested video-sharing platform Blab is great for businesses who want to share footage from live events. Blab offers you the chance to moderate your video content on a mobile device and make users feel like they are actually taking part. Meanwhile, general sites like SnapChat have features that may lend themselves to limited-time sales offers. SnapChat Discover creates excitement for your company’s promotions by making them disappear after a period of time.

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