CRM Software for Security Dealers: A Must Have

Gears with the words customer and management stamped into them

A CRM is generally understood to be software that helps you manage your customers and prospects. But when I hear “I really need a good CRM!” the real question is: what are you trying to manage? Lead Management CRM vs. Customer Management CRM Often what they really want is not a customer management system, but…

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AlarmBiller Customers: Compare your Service, Software, and Support

Company Logos with the word versus between them.

Our security dealer customers are in a very competitive market. They compete with large national players like ADT, usually several local independent dealers, “DIY” companies like SimpliSafe, and others. In order to compete successfully, our dealers need to be clear about their competitive advantages. “We are your best choice because…” The advantages could be unique…

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Alarm and Security Service Software: Why SSaaS beats SaaS

Blue line and with circles on the end on a digital abstract background. In the middle there is a orange circle with an image of a cloud in the middle.

One of the big buzzwords right now is “SaaS”: Software as a Service. Today  I’m coining a new term (drum roll please…): “SSaaS.” Let me elaborate on both of these and explain why SSaaS is superior.  Cloud-Based or Local?  The old business model for software, of course, was to buy it, install it on the local network, then maintain and upgrade it over time. MANY companies in…

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Home Work? Easy, With Cloud-Based Alarm Software

Wall of blue binary code. Some of the code is a lighter blue to create an image of a cloud.

When Cornerstone established our cloud-based alarm software platform in early 2001, we definitely felt like pioneers. The dominant business model then was locally-installed and maintained software. Over the last 20 years, there has been a sea change. Small businesses now embrace the many advantages of accessing services, tools, and even their precious customer data using…

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7 Tips for Choosing a Cloud Provider

cloud computing

Cloud-based software and services have made enterprise level services accessible to security alarm dealers of all sizes. In the past, companies had the choice of doing without, or setting up their own in-house cloud platform. Building an in-house cloud system was, and continues to be, too expensive for most small and mid-sized dealers. The costs…

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Why Our Software Isn’t Prettier

Hand drawing diagram

Because I’m so proud of our software, I’m definitely too sensitive to criticism about it. Recently, during our first session to train her, a new user had the nerve to say the software looked dated. She – a very young person – said it didn’t have the cool graphics, mouseovers, and ample white space that…

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The Cloud Has a Silver Lining for Security Dealers

Cloud computing

Security dealers embrace internet-driven technologies when installing security systems but may not have adopted it for their company’s workflow management and back office software. Many rely on a patchwork of software and tools that use valuable time and resources to toggle back and forth between non-integrated pieces to get the work done. This is inefficient…

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