Cornerstone integrates with NMC

We are excited to announce that Cornerstone Billing Solutions is fully integrated with National Monitoring Center (NMC), adding another excellent partner integration for our customers.

What this integration means for our NMC dealers:

PULL data from NMC (preferred) – set up new accounts as usual through the NMC Monitoring portal. Then, by clicking Download Customer in Cornerstone’s software, the key customer data (site, contact, zone info) will instantly populate in Cornerstone’s software. This eliminates double entry and reduces the risk of errors.

PUSH data to NMC – set up customers in Cornerstone’s cloud software, then one click will push that data (premises, contacts, zones) to NMC, saving time and duplicate data entry.

SYNCHRONIZE – edits to required fields in Cornerstone can automatically update those fields at NMC. Likewise, changes and additions made at NMC can be pulled to Cornerstone using “Get from Central Station” button.

*Data can include Customer Site, Contact List, and Zones. Changes in required fields in Cornerstone are immediately transmitted to NMC. Modifications made at NMC directly can be pulled into Cornerstone utilizing the Get from Central Station button.

How our dealers benefit from using Cornerstone’s specialized software and billing services:

  • User-friendly, industry-specialized software — makes daily account management easy and efficient
  • Cradle to grave customer management — including:
    • Quotes module with eSignature integration
    • Robust inventory management & scheduling
    • Installation and service invoicing, including progress billing
    • Audits and reporting to track growth, manage attrition, and improve profitability
  • Online payment portal — connects subscribers to their invoice details, and makes it easy for them to pay
  • Modular service tickets — can be simple, or include details like zone information to make service easier
  • Central Station Audit report — downloads the open device list and matches it to what is in Cornerstone — saving money by ensuring that billing records match monitoring records
  • Optional collections module – makes managing receivables and slow-pay customers much simpler
  • Comprehensive billing services – Cornerstone can handle 100% of recurring billing, including paper, credit card, bank debit, email, and complex, multi-site accounts. Likewise, Cornerstone can process and post 100% of payments, whether check, auto-pay, or online.
  • Healthier cash flow — Cornerstone’s billing services save hours of administrative time, and help ensure that 100% of recurring billed, then efficiently collected. More reliable billing means more consistent cash flow.
  • Lower cost, better support – Our services should cost less than in-house billing, and our dealer support is the best in the business!

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