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How to get over technology fears in the modern office.

3 reasons small business owners resist technology

By Scott MacDougal | Nov 11, 2015

Why do some small businesses still shoot down every innovation that comes their way?

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Business owners need to allocate time for consumers, employees and personal demands.

4 tricks small business owners can use to manage time

By Scott MacDougal | Nov 9, 2015

If you’re in charge of a small business, you have a lot of say in how you spend your hours.

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Online Small business Saturday promotions could catch the eye of local consumers.

What are your Small Business Saturday plans?

By Scott MacDougal | Nov 4, 2015

Is your business ready for increased consumer interest on Small Business Saturday?

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Online holiday promotions have to display properly on mobile devices.

3 ways small-business promotions can capitalize on the holidays

By Scott MacDougal | Nov 2, 2015

Small businesses can use the holidays to catch the attention of potential customers.

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Thanks to new technology digital marketing can now target local buyers.

Turning digital into local: 4 considerations for small businesses

By Scott MacDougal | Oct 21, 2015

Is the word “world” in the World Wide Web preventing local companies from capitalizing on digital marketing solutions?

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Some managers provide employees with insight into every cent the business earns.

Software solutions help small businesses promote financial transparency

By Scott MacDougal | Oct 21, 2015

Choosing to open your financial information to your employees and business partners is not a decision made lightly.

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More consumers want digital videos and small businesses must meet their demand.

Why small businesses should embrace video marketing

By Scott MacDougal | Oct 20, 2015

Your potential clientele watches digital videos on their laptops, mobile devices and connected TVs in growing numbers.

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Data entry is a prime candidate for simpler solutions.

Outside of outsourcing: Small business solutions for back-office tasks

By Scott MacDougal | Oct 7, 2015

Your small business employees should devote their time to activities that call for their specific talents and expertise.

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Email marketing audiences should be segmented based on needs.

4 ways small businesses can rethink email consumer communications

By Scott MacDougal | Oct 6, 2015

Using email in small business messaging with clients, or potential customers, may seem simple enough.

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