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Cloud computing and mobile performance are tech updates your small business should explore.

Making sure technology doesn’t leave your small business behind

By Scott MacDougal | Aug 26, 2015

Small-business owners not only have to stay on top of the advancements in their industry, they have to make sure…

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Businesses have to ready for weather related emergencies.

Preparing your small business for natural disasters

By Scott MacDougal | Aug 20, 2015

As a small-business owner, you have to prepare for obstacles. 

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Security cameras protect physical items, but how do you provide oversight of data?

How small businesses can avoid employee theft

By Scott MacDougal | Aug 12, 2015

To create an atmosphere that deters employee theft or fraud, there are a few strategies security dealers can adopt.

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Technology tools can facilitate easier office communication.

6 tips for improving interoffice communication in your small alarm business

By Scott MacDougal | Jul 3, 2015

Security dealers utilize different departments so interoffice communication is a crucial factor for success.

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Many factors will build your brand.

Branding for small-business that provide services

By Scott MacDougal | Jul 3, 2015

Branding goes way beyond a simple image associated with your business.

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How can you help your clients meet their monthly payments?

How can a security dealer manage routine billing?

By Scott MacDougal | Jun 24, 2015

There are a few strategies you can employ to create a user-friendly billing process your customers can easily keep up…

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Allow employees to make their own decisions.

How small businesses can empower employees

By Scott MacDougal | Jun 23, 2015

You can empower your employees through communication, technology tools, data results and proper example. 

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Fielding complaints is a necessary part of running a small business.

Dealing with customer complaints

By Scott MacDougal | Jun 23, 2015

By using the proper procedures and tools, a security dealer can handle complaints in a way that is effective and…

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All of your customers come from your local community.

How your small business can become part of the community

By Scott MacDougal | Jun 4, 2015

Take advantage of the benefits of local support by integrating your business into the community.

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