Home Alone? Not With A Security System

If you’ve never had the displeasure of stepping on an army of tiny legos, we’d like to know how you accomplished this feet (get it?). Truly, please teach us your ways. This year, as the holidays approach we want to discuss the various tips and tricks the universe has presented as viable alternatives  to a security system. If you’re the kind of person taking tips from Kevin’s book, and by Kevin we mean Kevin McCallister (if you’re still lost please leave this blog and Amazon Prime video ‘Home Alone’ immediately), it’s probably not in your best interest to leave glass baubles meticulously placed under windows. Although, they’re a strong contender to the lego. 

So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of a home security system and you’re here to read why we recommend you don’t utilize fake security alternatives. Listen, we get it, we’re consumers just like you! We understand security systems can be costly and often require a small upfront investment. But trip wires and staples gun will only get you so far. If you really want to be proactive in keeping your home safe, faking it isn’t the way to go.

“But I have a few fake signs in the yard and stickers on the doors and windows.” That’s great! While you’re at it, throw in a Michael Jordan cutout and have him dance around your home. Bonus points for Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree jingles. Genuinely, we love that song. 

While fake security signs and cameras may help deter a burglar, not all of them are like Marv and Harry. If they’re smart, they can quickly research the company and find it’s a fake. Better yet, they cannot alert authorities or provide video footage of the individual(s) that entered your home. If you do go this route, do yourself a favor and make sure they look the part. Make Kevin proud!

“My ‘Beware of dog’ sign is sure to do the trick.” Now, if you have a dog, by all means, put up the sign. But if you don’t have Cujo and are thinking the sign itself will keep your home safe, we’d beg to differ. Replacing a home security system with an animal has its risks and for that we’ll point you to our blog HERE on why dogs aren’t an alternative to an alarm system. And honestly, if Buzz’s tarantula couldn’t do the trick, we don’t know what will. If you’re investing in a few ‘Beware of Dog’ signs, maybe stop at the local pet store and grab a tarantula too. 

Our point here is, ‘fake it til you make it’ doesn’t have much stake in the security business. Absolutely these items could benefit you in cost and times saving and they might even work for you! But when it comes to your home and safety, we want you to be smart in making your choices. Don’t be like Marv. Be like Kevin.

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