Your Dog Can’t Call the Fire Department

While dogs can certainly help deter an intruder and protect your home, they are not a viable alternative to a home security system. To quote one of our customers, “Your dog cannot call the fire department.” And if he can, be sure to get yourself on “Ellen”! Don’t get us wrong, over at Cornerstone we love dogs. In fact, amongst our small team we have a total of 11. However, we understand that a security system isn’t as picky or complex as a dog.

For instance, security systems don’t like meat. You can bet that your security system will be 100% devoted to keeping you safe and will never be distracted by a tasty steak.  Your security system does not sleep, does not play, and can do the one thing your dog certainly cannot – alert authorities. Not only do alarms dispatch authorities to your home, the alarm itself is often enough to send an intruder running.

Security systems don’t alert when the wind blows. We all know someone whose dog barks at every little thing. This may even describe your dog! I know it does mine. Your security system is monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its alerts and alarms will go off day or night and are not sensitive to your neighbors taking an early morning jog. Or squirrels. Or leaves. Most importantly, they do more than alert you to intruders. With today’s technology, these systems often include fire, water, and carbon monoxide detection – keeping you safe from the dangers already inside your home. 

Security systems don’t require a sitter. In fact, they can alleviate the need for a house sitter when you’re away. Smart technology now allows us to monitor our cameras right from our fingertips! You can lock your doors, view your security footage, and speak to approaching visitors while away from your home. While it cannot guarantee a burglary won’t take place, simply having a sign in your yard or window along with an alarm will make someone think twice about approaching your home. Dogs can have this effect too, except when they’re small, fluffy, and cuddly. Then you may find they bring more attention than desired.

Security systems won’t bite the mail man. Many insurance companies offer a discount ranging from 5 to 20 percent, when you install an alarm. As a dog owner, however, you may find that your insurance rates will increase or in some cases, they may not insure you at all! We don’t think this is a reason to not get a dog, we’re pro-lifelong friendship. But…we also like discounts!

A dog by itself is priceless.  But a dog accompanied with a security system is more effective!

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