Cornerstone integrates with NMC

Abstract images of gears and clouds. In a white box you can see the Cornerstone Billing Solutions logo and the NMC logo. It is begin promoted that these two companies are now integrated.

We are excited to announce that Cornerstone Billing Solutions is fully integrated with National Monitoring Center (NMC), adding another excellent partner integration for our customers. What this integration means for our NMC dealers: PULL data from NMC (preferred) – set up new accounts as usual through the NMC Monitoring portal. Then, by clicking Download Customer…

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Good Quoting: Fast, Flexible & Classy

Man in a suit writing on a tablet with a stylus

Winning a new customer starts with a good conversation, then a good quote. The conversation should uncover the prospect’s needs and priorities in making a decision. The quoting process should then address those needs and priorities, in a professional and compelling way. A good quote can be the difference between winning and losing the business.…

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Saving 15 Minutes with Alarm Industry Service Software

Man in a suit pushing a floating orange button with gears on it. Emitting from the button are other images in circles connected by lines.

If you could invest $2/day to save 15 minutes of time daily for your tech and administrative employees, would you do it? The answer should be a slam-dunk YES, but first let’s look at why I’m asking this question. Alarm industry service software has been around for over 30 years. In the last 10-15 years,…

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Making Sense of Your Numbers: Part 2

Man counting coins on a pile of financial papers. There is a pen, calculator and laptop on the papers as well.

The main point of Part 1 is that most security dealers would benefit by separating their ‘steady Eddy’ recurring revenue / profit (RP) from their more messy and volatile Service & Installation revenue / profit (SIP). These two simple buckets will drive your company’s success or failure, because they drive your operating profit. Knowing your…

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Electronic Billing & Payment: “Nice to Have” No Longer

Absract background of lines, dots and binary code. There is a person holding four blocks in the middle. Each block has an image and the top block says E-Billing

“Must Have”: Electronic Billing & Payments According to a 2020 study by National Automated Clearing House Association —the trade organization for the ACH payments industry—respondents cited COVID-19 as a “trigger event for moving customers to a more digital experience.” In other words, having paper-free and touch-free billing and electronic billing options is now a must…

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Software For Alarm Companies: Little Differences Matter!

Four black gears with question marks in the middle. The largest gear on the right has a lightbulb instead of a question mark.

A question for our security dealer friends–do you agree with this statement? “Your security company is just like any other contractor business.” Nearly all our customers would shout: “NO WAY! Our business is unique!” Cornerstone has served this industry for over 21 years, and we completely agree. In fact, our business probably wouldn’t exist if…

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Alarm Industry Service Software is like a Supermarket

Woman loading groceries onto a conveyer at a grocery store. It is from a Birdseye view.

When was the last time you visited a butcher shop to get your meat and poultry? Then a bakery to get your bread and rolls? Followed by a farm stand visit to stock up on vegetables? If you’re like most people, not recently. Instead, people get nearly all their food at a supermarket. Why? Because…

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Email Invoicing: Great concept, messy reality

woman using computer to receive email invoicing

It’s likely your company is either already emailing recurring invoices, or is planning to. And why not? What could be better than fast, easy, and free? Well, if you currently DO email invoices—especially in larger batches—you may have noticed that the concept is way better than the reality. Cornerstone is a recurring billing specialist, so…

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Save With Automated Billing Software

The security services industry is being transformed on many fronts, including recurring automated billing software. When Cornerstone Billing Solutions was founded in 1999, recurring billing was still quite manual. With 80%+ of payments made via paper check. Today, autopay via ACH debit or credit card constitutes more than 75% of subscriber payments across all of…

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