Branding for small-business that provide services

Branding goes way beyond a simple image associated with your business.

Many factors will build your brand.

Branding goes way beyond a logo image associated with your business. Small Business Trends defined branding as the first thing that pops into a customer’s mind when they think of your company. This could be a picture, a product or an experience. By recognizing the importance of a brand and having a clearly defined identity, your business can create a positive impression through excellent, consistent service.

Realize the importance of branding
Customers won’t use your service if they can’t remember it. Forbes Magazines stated a well-developed brand will help you stand out from competitors and keep you on a consumer’s mind.

Traditional business promotions can only go so far. Consumers can see advertising techniques as pushy or misleading but they will always trust their gut. You want to create a coherent image for your business that dictates how customers feel about you. Being aware of the importance of branding is the first step in creating an identity you wish to share with your clients.

First impressions are important. A consumer’s initial interaction will probably define how they see your company from then on. To create effective branding you need to be aware of what values and features you are communicating as soon as you begin doing business.

“What do you want your business identity to be?”

Have a clear brand in mind
What do you want your business identity to be? As a security dealer, you probably want consumers to think of excellent customer service when they hear your company’s name.

Some providers want to emphasize speed, others will feature their ability to customize orders. You need to determine what your company’s core values are and use them to create your branding. Marketing Donut, a small business resource, advised companies to determine what drives their business and what differentiates them from competitors.

Once you’ve decided what values define your brand, you need to make them part of every piece of your business. If you want to emphasize friendliness, your advertising imaging should feature warm colors, your call center should use positive language and your service technicians should be happy to meet client needs.

Make it consistent
Branding is not just a trick to be used by your marketing and sales department. Every member of your business needs to keep your company’s brand in mind while performing their duties.

Your trucks, uniforms and online forms should all use the same colors and imaging. You can select key words and phrases to be utilized when talking with clients. As your technicians perform field services, make sure they are aware of checkpoints and performance goals they must be hitting to meet your brand’s promises.

You want to use consistent strategies and tools. Security dealer software gives all of your employees the same reference materials. An integrated data system means information is being reported in a routine manner and paperwork processes won’t deviate from company expectations. Mobile equipment allows field technicians, office staff and mangers to all be working with the same tools. Uniform business procedures will communicate a unified image to your consumers.

Every member of your company contributes to your brand.Every member of your company contributes to your brand.

The service is the brand
Branding Strategy Insider argued branding is much different for service providers than for companies selling their products on shelves. Customers won’t be browsing aisles where a security dealer’s logo is proudly displayed.

Your security products must be top notch, but the ability to satisfy a consumer’s needs is usually your strongest brand reinforcement. Entrepreneur magazine suggested service branding is all about the three r’s: results, reputation and referrals. If your message is speedy service, your client had better see fast results. The ability to make good on your promises will create a solid reputation and lead to customer referral.

Using your brand to sell new clients on your service is contingent on them believing the identity you’ve created. Most consumers will listen to friends who recommend your service and data reported through your software system will allow you to show consumers your history of living up to your brand.

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