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Weather Disaster: Is your Alarm Business Prepared?

By Scott MacDougal | Mar 15, 2021

Planning for a weather disaster is no fun at all. Yet, when the winter storm hit last month Texas businesses…

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3G Upgrades: Good Process can Ease the Pain

By Scott MacDougal | Feb 15, 2021

Security dealers have worked very, very hard for their base of loyal subscribers. Every year, it takes work to KEEP…

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Alarm and Security Service Software: Why SSaaS beats SaaS

By Scott MacDougal | Dec 28, 2020

One of the big buzzwords right now is “SaaS”: Software as a Service. Today  I’m coining a new term (drum roll please…): “SSaaS.” Let me elaborate…

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Break the Spell of the Typical

By Scott MacDougal | Dec 7, 2020

We humans like our routines. I have many of my own that I follow day to day, week to week.…

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Cornerstone integrates with NMC

By Scott MacDougal | Nov 11, 2020

We are excited to announce that Cornerstone Billing Solutions is fully integrated with National Monitoring Center (NMC), adding another excellent…

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Making Sense of Your Numbers – Part 3

By Scott MacDougal | Nov 9, 2020

In Parts one and two, we outlined a simple model that helps to easily understand how you’re doing, and to…

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Good Quoting: Fast, Flexible & Classy

By Scott MacDougal | Oct 26, 2020

Winning a new customer starts with a good conversation, then a good quote. The conversation should uncover the prospect’s needs…

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Saving 15 Minutes with Alarm Industry Service Software

By Scott MacDougal | Oct 12, 2020

If you could invest $2/day to save 15 minutes of time daily for your tech and administrative employees, would you…

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Making Sense of Your Numbers: Part 2

By Scott MacDougal | Sep 29, 2020

The main point of Part 1 is that most security dealers would benefit by separating their ‘steady Eddy’ recurring revenue…

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