Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

With the number of seniors living independently increasing, it is especially important to make sure they’re safe at home. While there are hundreds of products and tips on the market focused on security for older adults, there are a few that significantly increase their safety when alone.

Home Security System 

A home security system is beneficial for any homeowner but for seniors with decreased mobility or reaction time, it can add more peace of mind. Since almost all modern security systems can be synced to smart devices, one’s family can easily monitor and check on their loved one instantly. This allows seniors to be more independent for greater lengths of time. 

If a home security system is not financially feasible, check out more reasonable home security devices such as a video doorbell, window and door sensors, or automatic outdoor lights. There are companies that specifically focus on senior care so be sure to do your homework when considering any home security product.

Medical Pendant

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. One of the most helpful products on the market to assist in falls is a Medical Fall Pendant. The majority have both a ‘panic’ button to push once you’ve fallen and a sensor that can detect falls and send an alert without physically pushing a button. This is helpful for falls that result in an individual being severely injured or unconscious. *For adults with less freedom to be alone, there are weighted bed and floor mats that can detect weight or the lack of and send alerts as needed.

Automatic Medication Dispenser

Many security companies aimed towards seniors offer automatic medication dispensers. These can be pre-filled and locked by the caretaker and setup for alarms at particular times in the day to automatically dispense. This helps ensure your loved one received the correct medication at the right time, every day. Some of the more smart dispensers can continue alerting until the medication has been removed, such as this dispenser offered by Vital Link Medical Alert Systems.

Smart Technology

Smart technology, not surprisingly, continues to emerge as a means to keep seniors safe in their home. Just when you’ve thought you had a brilliant idea for a new product, it’s likely it already exists. Smart stove sensors, smoke alarms, thermostats, entry locks, and medical monitoring to name a few, are among the most popular. These types of products bring peace of mind but they also contribute to one’s quality of life while consistently providing more safety.

While the idea seems daunting, more and more seniors are avoiding assisted living to live on their own. We hope that these smart security solutions help monitor you or your loved ones by keeping them safe and protected.

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