Expect More From Your Software (Webinar)

While no single software package can do everything you want, good customer management software should be helping increase your revenue, while also saving time and money.  In this webinar, Cornerstone’s President, Scott MacDougal, provides several concrete and useful example.

Increase Revenue

First, good CRM software should help you increase your top line. For example, our Central Station Audit helps identify missed billing by quickly matching a company’s billing list against its monitoring list. Likewise, Cornerstone’s Pre-Billing Audit identifies accounts that may not be set up properly. The recurring bills themselves should enable solicitation of referrals and cross-sale of add-on services. A good Quotes module should clearly identify a dealer’s margins, so new installs generate the required minimum margins.

Our Reports Suite allows you to access information to see the health of your RMR

Save Time

If a prospect or customer accepts a Quote, in Cornerstone’s system one click will push the details of the quote into the work flow, and add it to the calendar for scheduling. That’s the big, time-saving advantage of having quotes built into customer management software, versus using a separate tool for quotes….no need to re-enter all that information.

One of the most time consuming tasks for any small business is collections and slow-pay follow up. Simply printing an aging, then following up with calls and letters, is cumbersome. Cornerstone built an entire module to organized and streamline the follow up process. Key to timely follow up is clear “last action” and “next action” dates and to do’s. In addition, being able to batch print letters, send batch texts, and submit batches of automated calls, greatly cuts down on the time needed to follow up.

Job and technician calendars should be easy to manage, including color coding and drag-and drop appointments. One of the biggest developments in recent years is integrating one cloud platform with another. Cornerstone’s cloud system is integrated with most major central stations, which allows for instant retrieval and/or updating of account information between the two platforms. This saves lots of data entry time, and minimizes errors.

Our interactive drag and drop calendar makes office and tech life easier and faster.

Save Money

Pro-active customer retention efforts are an essential way to save money, as each recurring subscriber is very valuable. Being able to both track attrition accurately, and track cancellation reasons, allows dealers to become more pro-active. Knowing why customers quit, and working to reduce those instances, will save security dealers money by saving customers—improving retention. Central station audits also save money by finding “dead” accounts still being billed by the central station.

Bottom line: expect your software to be saving you time and money, while helping grow your top line!

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Is This You?

  • You've outgrown your software!
  • Billing & Collections is too time-consuming!
  • You have too many slow pay accounts
  • You need to automate your processes!
  • You enter the same data multiple times!