Value-Added Options

billing plus icon

Collections Module ("Billing Plus")

  • Built to keep collections work organized
  • Focused on 'last step' and 'next step'
  • Easily batch-generate collection letters
  • Quickly filter past-due accounts to create call groups
  • Affordable at $30/month



acquistion support

Acquisition Support

  • Cornerstone can quickly import purchased accounts
  • "Multi-company" module enables divisional tracking
  • Generate introduction letters to acquired accounts
  • Customize invoice messages to smooth transition
  • Independent RMR & attrition tracking helps buyer/seller
time saving utilities icon

Time-Saving Utilities

  • Implement rate increases quickly & easily
  • Match your central station list to billing list
  • Global account updates for various data elements
  • Inventory import, including prices, costs, vendors, etc
custom programming icon

Custom Programming

  • Custom reports can be developed quickly
  • Custom views/filters easily added to reports
  • Can integrate with outside data sources & systems

What Sets us Apart:

Cornerstone Billing Solutions makes it much easier for security alarm dealers – both owners and staff – to manage their subscriber bases. Dealers that sign on with Cornerstone usually want:

· Better software, often an upgrade from QuickBooks

· Clockwork recurring billing – it gets done on time, no matter what

· More consistent cash flow, driven by more consistent billing

· More payment options, including an online payment portal, ACH and credit card

· Mobile-friendly, paperless field service

Cornerstone offers a true solution, by combining comprehensive billing with a powerful but user-friendly software package--built for security alarm companies. By handling most of the routine but time-consuming administrative billing tasks, our dealers have more time to be pro-active with their subscribers. They can focus on delivering great customer service, upselling services, and more efficiently managing service and installation work. The end result: higher retention, faster growth and better margins.

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