Other Services

Cornerstone offers several other services to help you with other account management and information needs you may have.

Our Billing Plus service helps our customers manage their receivables, to keep subscribers paying on time. It is best suited for security companies that need help following up promptly with slow-pay accounts. For a modest monthly fee, we will follow through with your slow-paying customers to keep them on track and paying within terms. Prefer to handle your own collections work? No problem – to help streamline that process, you can opt to use our Billing Plus module at a low monthly fee. Cornerstone is also integrated with a third-party collections agency, for dealers that want collection agency follow up for seriously past-due accounts, including collection of balance of contract.

We offer a Data Import service for both new and existing customers. Examples of imports we have done include:

  • Subscriber lists sent to us in Excel
  • Acquired accounts and related recurring charges
  • Inventory parts lists (including part ID, cost, price, vendor, etc)
  • Zone and Contact lists

Cornerstone also offers Custom Programming and Integration services. We have developed many new reports, or specific filters for existing reports. We have also integrated our platform with other companies, such as central stations, to help avoid double data entry and to automate new account creation based on data downloaded from external websites.

Drawing gears together

Custom Reports: We have developed several custom reports for our clients over the years. If you’re looking for customization, we’ll help you get the information you need, and in the format you require.

Bill Payment: We can pay central station and other bills for you. If we’re sent a copy of the central station bill, we´ll pay it out of subscriber receipts, and will include that payment on our month-end Recap.

Inserts & Special Mailings: If you need to send out a special notice of rate changes, name/address changes, new services offered, etc. – let us know. Through our mailing house, we can affordably print and mail such inserts and promotional pieces. We can also help you set up a regular newsletter program.

Support for Account Purchases/Sales: If you purchase another company´s accounts, we can help in several ways:

  • Review, clean up, and import purchased account details to your database
  • Flag purchased accounts, so you can run financial reports for just this group of accounts
  • Send introduction letters to the purchased account base
  • Help you track attrition for the purchased accounts
  • Prepare custom reports that help you and the seller finalize the financial elements of the transaction

Since we are an objective third-party provider of billing services, we can provide unbiased financial information to both purchasers and sellers. In addition, if you are looking to sell accounts, we can quietly provide assistance, and may be able to locate prospective purchasers.

Accounting Support: If you need help developing efficient accounting routines, or booking transaction totals to software packages like QuickBooks, give us a call – we can help. We have written outlines of typical accounting and journal entries that we can send you as examples. We also have relationships with accountants and can refer you.