Billing & Payment Services

“Cornerstone’s billing is like clockwork, and that gives us peace of mind for sure . But what really sets them apart is their payment processing. Their follow up to get everything paid is amazingly thorough. As a result our cash flow has never been stronger. Cornerstone improves our cash flow and saves us money.”

- Kerry Brooks, Brooks-Smith Incorporated


Every Billing Method

ALL billing methods:

  • Paper invoice, including tear-off stub & return envelope
  • Four major credit cards, with 2-3 payment date options
  • ACH debit
  • Email, with link to payment portal

ALL payment methods:

  • Paper checks, processed through our lockbox facility
  • Credit cards, with at least 2 payment date options each month
  • ACH debits to checking or savings accounts
Clockwork Reliable

Reliable & Consistent

  • Billing's NEVER late!
  • Recurring bills run the same day each month
  • Paper bills are mailed immediately
  • Emails and email copies sent immediately
  • Autopays queued for processing on 1st or 15th based on customer preference
  • Check payments posted same day
  • Follow up process for failed autopays
Flexible & Feature Rich

Flexible, Feature-Rich Software

  • Handles complex, multi-location "roll-up" billing
  • Autopays can receive emailed copy PDF invoice as a reminder
  • Email invoices to multiple addresses
  • Invoices can include customized information, i.e. purchase order numbers
  • Our portal ties directly to invoice history
  • Payment portal allows for fast, 'self-serve' payments
  • Optional slow pay follow up uses letters, text, emails, and calls
Consistent & Accurate

Frequent Payment Batches

  • Clockwork billing means on-time payments
  • Payments matched to accounts, then to invoices
  • Our monthly pre-billing audits help ensure everything is billed
  • Payment batches processed on a clearly-defined schedule
  • Between 40-50 check & autopay batches processed each month
  • Questions/issues resolved quickly via powerful 'log note' tool
Complete Transparency

Real Time Data & Reporting

  • Nothing is hidden! All data is online for authorized users
  • View invoice & payment details in real time
  • Dozens of financial reports & lookup tools






Slow pay

Reduce Late Payers

  • Statements mailed automatically to past-due accounts
  • MULTIPLE methods used to prompt payment...each month
    • 1 paper statement
    • 2 text message reminders
    • 1-2 emails
    • 1 collection letter
    • 1-2 collection calls
  • Our style is friendly yet persistent
  • Track record of high collection rates
  • Quarterly reports generated and emailed to our dealers

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