Our alarm billing services give you a lot of bang for your buck. Below are more specifics about our services, so you can see that we believe in well-defined processes and our attention to detail:

Hard Copy Invoices:

  • First-class postage
  • Outbound #10 double-window mailing envelope
  • Return #10 window envelope
  • Laser-printed, perforated 2-sided color invoice form front and back with customizable messaging options and tear-off coupon allowing payment by credit card
  • Any prior open invoice amounts printed as balance forward, so invoice also serves as a statement
  • Customers not due for a recurring invoice receive a statement of any open balances (optional, uses same format as invoice)
  • Postal (CASS) certification of billing addresses, adding zip+4 if missing
  • Mailing barcode added to speed processing
  • Mailing process to fold, stuff & mail invoices on time

Autopay Invoices:

Create detailed batch files (account #, card information, etc.) for subscribers opting for automatic credit card billing (Visa, Master Card, Discover & Amex)

Create detailed batch files (account #, bank information, etc.) for subscribers opting for automatic EFT bank debit

Autopay batch files aggregated and saved for submission/processing on or about the 1st of the month of the cycle billed

EFT batch files submitted on the 1st through the national NACHA network

Credit card batch files submitted through Cornerstone’s merchant account (merchant fees charged as a pass-through, see last section below)

Sample Invoice


  • Pre-billing audits to check for setup errors
  • Screen out invoices/statements not requiring mailing (zero due, ‘no print’ designation)
  • Manually print & mail aggregated ´dealer´ invoices

Processing, Posting & Depositing Checks (Except Basic Billing):

  • Sort inbound mail, extract checks and coupons
  • Image each check and archive (for audit purposes)
  • Record account number, check number, and payment amount
  • Look up account in ALARM, post payment to correct invoice(s)
  • Troubleshoot mismatched payments/discrepancies as needed
  • Log note significant under- or over-payments in Alarm software
  • Deposit & clear checks (Cornerstone covers deposit fees)
  • Review physical coupons for subscriber comments or notes; if any, log note these in the Alarm software
Debit Card

Credit Card and EFT Processing:

  • Posting of cleared credit card & EFT payments to ALARM, removal of auto-payments that don’t clear
  • Most failed autopays re-run in the next batch and problems/issues such as insufficient funds (NSFs), stolen cards, closed accounts, etc. are flagged for your review/follow-up
  • One-time credit card payments directed to Cornerstone processed each Wednesday and Friday
  • Manual EFT payments processed weekly
  • Log notes left & billing method changed for autopayments failing twice

Reporting & Payment of Receipts:

  • Recaps Reports including several financial and account tallies sent at the end of each month
  • Detailed Cash Receipts Reports sent at month-end
  • Payment of subscriber receipts to dealer’s account via direct deposit based on predefined schedule
  • Copies of subscriber notes/communications sent to dealer at least once monthly

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