Meet Our Team

Cornerstone’s team puts the “C” in Conscientious Service. Our service is personal, professional, and hands-on. We want our security dealers to know that we are here for them, to make their business run better, and their day-to-day workload a lot easier to manage.

Scott MacDougal Cornerstone Founder

Founder, Owner

Scott MacDougal

I love taking complicated processes, and investing in software and automation to make them SIMPLE.

I love taking complicated processes, and investing in software and automation to make them SIMPLE…faster, easier, cheaper, and more reliable. That’s easier said than done, but we’ve managed to succeed at it since we started Cornerstone in 1999. As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, my parents taught me to watch my nickels and dimes, and if I did buy something, to make sure it was a GREAT value.

I bring that philosophy to Cornerstone. Our security dealers expect a great value for the services they buy from us, and we make sure we give it to them. That’s why we keep nearly all of our customers for as long as they’re around. Our dealers also have a lot to teach us, and we are here to listen. Many of our best software enhancements were based on their suggestions.

My early career was in banking (First St. Paul, First National Bank of Chicago) and venture capital (Kentco Capital). My experience was mostly in finance, relationship management, and putting together lots and lots of ‘deals.’ In the late 1990s, I decided it might be more fun to jump into operations, where we could take a business and continuously improve it over many years. That led to Cornerstone…and the rest is history. I graduated from  the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire (BA in Journalism), and got my MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Jody Schuhart Cofounder Cornerstone

Co-founder, Software Development & Customer Service Manager

Jody Schuhart

I love making sure that our software platform gives our customers the power to manage and grow their business.

I love making sure that our software platform gives our customers the power to manage and grow their business.  We began with an emphasis on the recurring billing and payment processing as a solution to save our dealers time.  Over the years, we developed a full suite of modules for seamless work flow that makes it easy to sell, install, service, manage and retain customers.

My primary responsibility is the development and enhancement of the software and support of its use by our dealers. I love working with our customer service team to troubleshoot issues, identify enhancements, document software and best practices, and train and support our dealers and staff.

My early career was in health care where I co-founded Sachs Group Inc. which grew from a startup into the leading health care information and software company in the industry. I have extensive experience in consulting, product development, marketing, customer service, relationship management and product and sales training. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA in Political Science) and got my MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Lisa Haycook

Billing Plus & Customer Service

Lisa Haycook

I enjoy the challenge of problem solving.

I enjoy the challenge of problem solving. Often a security dealer calls in with a question that requires detective work. I take pride in being able to do that work, and help solve problems quickly, allowing our dealers to get back to their busy schedules!

My path to Cornerstone began pulling wire as an electrician’s helper. After a year in the electrical trade I began working for a local dealer roughing and installing low voltage systems, including security, central vacuum and audio/video. Eventually this led to an administrative position within that company managing the accounts receivables for the recurring monitoring customers.

It was then that I was introduced to Cornerstone. I remained with the dealer for five years. However, when the company was sold, Cornerstone hired me. My initial responsibilities were in Billing Plus soft collections, but my role has expanded to include customer service, dealer support, software testing, and anything else the owners need help with. I attended Ohio State University, pursuing a BS in Psychology, but I’d say my ‘true’ education has been through my field jobs and my current position.

Megan Casper

Vice President, Operations

Megan Casper

I take pride in being a perfectionist.

I take pride in being a perfectionist. I enjoy planning, organizing, and conjuring all of the potential solutions to a situation.

My journey with Cornerstone first began in the Customer Service department. I was responsible for the setup, training, and on going support for all of our customers. Since then, however, my role with Cornerstone has significantly changed.

My key activities now include planning, directing, and coordinating operations in support of the company’s growth. Within this I strive to improve our operational efficiency in customer engagement, online marketing, and effective training.

I received my Bachelors in English Literature at The University of Wisconsin – Parkside and my Masters of Arts in Teaching through Dominican University.

Erin Turco

Payment Batch Manager

Erin Turco

I take pride in accuracy.

I take pride in accuracy. Being detail-oriented, I make sure that everything in regards to a payment, invoice, or customer question goes unmissed. I ensure that customer payments are posted correctly in a quick and efficient manner so our dealers can receive their money faster!

I started with Cornerstone in the Billing Plus Department. When the opportunity came about for me to handle the payment batches I gladly accepted as I knew it would be a perfect fit for me. I previously worked for a small family owned plumbing company doing accounting and administrative work. I attended Governors State University and have a BS in Accounting.

Karen Greene

Billing Plus Accounts Receivables Management

Karen Greene

I pride myself in collecting those dollars for our dealers!

I pride myself in collecting those dollars for our dealers!  I enjoy talking with our dealers and our dealers’ customers to come up with payment arrangements to get them back on track.  Sometimes all it takes is a quick courtesy call to see if they received their invoice and a payment over the phone through our Alarmpayments portal.  It’s a great feeling to know that you help impact so many dealer’s bottom lines in providing a service that they may not have the time and resources for, yet is so beneficial.  

I am relatively new to the Cornerstone team, but I bring 7+ years of credit card Accounts Receivables and Call Center management experience (Fleet Financial/Bank of America). I started doing collections on the phone and moved my way up to a Call Center manager where I helped identify process enhancements to make our collections process more efficient.  This experience has benefited me in my work here at Cornerstone.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to do things faster and more efficiently, to save time and dollars!   

I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management and Marketing.  I continued my education at American University pursuing a BS in Computer Information Systems.  

Sharon Bianchini

Customer Service & Special Projects

Sharon Bianchini

I enjoy playing the role of analyst – I look to see all sides of a situation and try to find the best solution for all parties.

I enjoy playing the role of analyst – I look to see all sides of a situation and try to find the best solution for all parties. Working in Customer Service, I get to analyze the situation and problem-solve, connecting our customers to the right solution. I also assist with special projects that include data import, documentation and marketing.   

I bring over 30 years of experience to Cornerstone, starting my career in software programming and moving to education (SIS) software consulting and project management. The linchpin of my career has been data—using my decision-making skills to identify, analyze, and improve upon processes and procedures to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. I am passionate about data correctness and enjoy report-writing that helps reveal actionable information.   

In addition to my professional endeavors, I am a lifelong volunteer and have served as Vice President of our local School Board for nearly 10 years.