Alarm Billing Services Overview

Our alarm billing services are at the heart of our relationship with our security dealer customers. We handle most of the busywork for you, and we help to highlight the small number exceptions for your staff. We deliver our services using our specialized industry software and our online, 24×7 platform. We pride ourselves on providing services that are:

  • Affordable– nearly always between $.50 – $1.00 per account, per month
  • Reliable – clockwork alarm billing and payments, improving cash flow
  • Accessible – delivered 24/7  through a secure cloud platform
  • Comprehensive – one-stop solution for CRM software & billing/payment options
  • Personal – our team becomes a daily ally, an extension of your staff

With our alarm billing services, you are still in charge of your account data. So you maintain the control you require and get the real-time information you need – while Cornerstone greatly reduces your administrative burden by handling routine invoicing and payment processing for you behind the scenes.

The end result? Your daily account management becomes better, faster and easier.

Aqua Gear Titled Billing

Our Full Service Billing package is not a once-a-month occurrence – we work for you every day. If checks arrive today, we post them immediately. If someone calls you wanting to pay by credit card, use www.Alarmpayments.com to handle it in less than a minute.

With Full Service Billing, our security dealers get a comprehensive array of services, including:

Monthly Recurring Billing Batch – run like clockwork each month, on a precisely defined schedule. Paper invoices use an easy to read, professional invoice format with your company name and contact information (see sample invoice here). You can use it to communicate with your customers, cross-sell services, or generate referrals. But our recurring billing process covers ALL methods of billing:

  • Paper invoice
  • Credit card autopay invoice, option to email
  • ACH debit autopay invoice, option to email
  • Email invoice, option to pay by clicking on Alarmpayments.com link
  • Master invoice, including unlimited ‘feeder’ accounts (e.g. for complex multi-site billing)

Recurring Payment Processing & Posting – equally as important as generating the billing batch is our role of then proceeding to process and post payments. This often saves our customers more time and money than billing, because we cover the payment clearing costs and related labor. Our payment processing schedule is:

  • Paper check – every business day, deposited same day, usually posted same day
  • Autopay credit card – run the 1st & 15th of each month, based on subscriber’s preference
  • Autopay debit – also run the 1st & 15th of each month
  • Ad hoc card & ACH payments via Alarmpayments – run and posted three times weekly
  • Re-run batches – run at least twice monthly for card/ACH payments that don’t clear initially

Non-Recurring Payment Processing & Posting – our customers have the choice of routing installation, service, and other non-recurring payments through Cornerstone, so we can save even more time by processing and posting those. However, this is optional – dealers can choose to route these payments to their local office by just choosing that as the remittance address.

Payment to Dealer of Receipts Processed  – to your bank account based on a pre-defined schedule, but as often as twice a week for large security dealers. Our goal is always to forward receipts to our customers as quickly as possible.

Month-end Reporting — through our Recap Reports, we provide you with billings, receipts, payments, ending account tallies, and fee details for the month. You can use these reports to book totals to accounting software (like QuickBooks) and you can drill down into details using our online software.

Receivables Collection Support —see Other Services